Sunday, May 10, 2009


Husband Kelly’s answer to that is “why anything?” As good as that answer may be, I like mine better.

It all started well over 20 years ago when every time we visited the Tulsa State Fair, Kelly would search out the booth manned by the local bee club and begin asking questions. He’d continue with his questions far beyond the point when politeness (and I) dictated he should stop and leave. That Kelly would ignore my hints is not surprising, but If you know Kelly, you know his is always polite, so that he abandoned politeness really says something.

Every year he’d ask the same questions. Then we had kids. Eventually the kids accompanied us to the fair and they’d stir about while their dad asked his annual bee questions. They got older and began making fun of their dad’s search for the bee people’s booth and his incessant questioning of them. Then, the kids grew up and went to college, and I was left to make fun of Kelly all by myself.

In September 2008 at the Tulsa State Fair once again Kelly found the Bee People, he asked questions, but this time he took a flier about the upcoming beekeeping class. What’s more, he enrolled in the class and every Saturday for weeks, we trekked to the class, had donuts and coffee, and learned about bees.

In November, we put together our first bee hive. Kelly got a bee suit for Christmas.
And finally, on April 8, 2009, we got bees.

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