Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quality Time With the Bees

EVERYONE in Tulsa who has bees, likes bees, hates them, or uses the letter “b” in common speech knows Carl. (some of the foregoing sentence might contain slight exaggeration).

Although there are many knowledgeable bee-folks who are willing to impart their wisdom, Carl seems to be the go-to BEE-guy for equipment, fast advice and common sense. Carl invites the bee club (NEOBA) membership on excursions in his apiary (bee yard). On Saturday, (May 16) I, with my camera, and Kelly, with his bee-suit, I trekked to Turley for one such event.

I can’t say what Kelly got out of the day, but I got these photos to share.

Things to look for: find the queen; see a drone cell (hint--the comb has a dome); see the bee drinking honey; a bee with pollen; Della in the red hat.

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