Monday, June 8, 2009


So, late Saturday afternoon (June 6), I got home from a bike ride. As I made my way into the house, I noticed Kelly’s car was in the driveway and his bike was in the garage. I hollered to Kelly that I was home, but got no answer–hmmmmm, that’s strange, modes of transportation present and the dogs met me at the door, so he wasn’t walking them. I wondered where he was.
Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a white blur in the backyard. I stopped to look out the sliding glass door and Kelly, clad in bee suit and with a cloud of bees about his head went jogging by. He stopped on the patio and reached for the door like he was going to come in. Oh no you don’t, I thought. You are NOT going to bring a cloud of mad bees in the house. So, I reached to lock the door when he changed directions and headed for the gate.

I opened the garage door and there was Kelly, surprised to see me. "Oh," he said, "you’re home. I got into the bees."

No kidding!

As it turns out, he opened the hive to find the entire 10 frames in the second brood box completely built out in comb and FULL OF HONEY, most of which was capped cells. As exciting as that is, it is a little scary because we only have one little ol’ shallow super to add to the hive. He did that, but it won’t come close to solving what we think is our overcrowding problem.

Anyway, after being chased around the yard by bees. Kelly immediately did three things:
No 1 , he called to order a bee suit for me. There is no reason why I should miss out on all the fun because I don’t have the proper clothing.
No. 2, he called my brother, who has some hive materials built up , but not bees to see if we could use some of his stuff.
No. 3, ordered an additional brood box, frames and foundation, cause if the critters are gonna keep breeding, we gotta give 'em a place to stay.

Note to self: The bees stopped taking sugar water about 6/3/2009.

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